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Beginner in need of all the help I can get!!  topic
How many times a week do you practice?  topic
having trouble with new hoop, help!  topic
Hula Hoop in Germany Leipzig mit Libelle Melani...  topic
Melanie Libelle in Leipzig / Hula Hoop  photo flag
Hooping in Cold Weather?  topic
Melanie Schembritzki on Hula Hoop in Sachsen / ...  photo flag
Libelle Melanie Schembritzki / Hula Hoop :)  photo flag
Hoopers is Germany?  topic
Libelle Melanie :)  photo flag
top 10 songs to hoop to  topic
wooden vs. plastic vs. metal hula hoops  topic
Regional hooping tribes  topic
tubing issue: the tubing I received says both 1...  topic
Metallic Tape on a Collapsible Hoop  topic
broad shoulder hooper  topic
Looking to start a local group  topic
Where to find cheaper tubing...  topic
Business Liability Insurance?  topic
Sunday HoopJam with Bay Area Hoopers  topic
Selling My 36" Polypro 20-LED Hoop (comes with ...  topic
Gorgeous PSI hoop for sale!! * ONLY $185 *  topic
Looking to buy a fire hoop!  topic
I have silver mirror tape I want to trade :)  topic
Making a Figure Eight Style Collapsible Hoop  topic

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