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topic posted Fri, April 4, 2008 - 7:17 AM by  Hoola Monster
Hey Hoopers -

So, after seeing an article on about a DIY hoop kit, I invested in one. Here's the info. on it:

A friend of mine helped me to assemble it, and it turned out well. It's no PSI, but it's definitley a visually appealing LED hoop for someone on a budget. With that said, there are a few things that I want to mention... first, the tubing is thin. I typically make hoops from 3/4 inch, 160 psi tubing from Lowe's. The tubing that arrived in my kit was 1/2 inch. So, the hoop is much lighter than what I'm used to. I also noticed some movement of the hoop shape at high speeds (the tubing seems a little soft). The gentleman who's making these kits says he plans to upgrade to a heavier tubing. But I've found that the hoop we made is great for verticle moves, stalls, tosses, isolations and other spin-type tricks. I also think this hoop would make a great LED hoop for a child - I'm guessing 7 - 10 years old simply due to the hoop diameter...

The assembled hoop measures 40 inches in diameter, and it DOES rattle. So, if that bothers you, then this hoop is not for you. The switch is great. You don't run into the issue of turning the hoop off by accident. The switch is small, and it slides and clicks into place.

In terms of aesthetics, I think the hoop is very pretty. We added both slow color-changing LEDs, as well as fast color-changing LEDs. There are also stationary/ one-color LEDs in blue, purple, green and white. The hoop is decorated with flourescent orange gaffers tape, as well as silver mirror tape. I plan to shoot a video of the hoop this weekend so I can show you all what it looks like (although I should warn you... my video camera sucks, so I'll take some pics too - just in case the video doesn't do it justice).

Now, the part that I'm not so crazy about... the battery. The kit comes with a battery that is not rechargeable. However, it does have a long life span. I was told that the battery should last a few months with moderate use. I can't guarantee this, however, because I'm just going by what I was told. If you're good at following directions and/ or if you've got someone in your life who does well with small projects, I would recommend contacting Mike at ProdMod to obtain directions on changing this battery out to a rechargeable one when the battery dies (he already told me that this is doable). It will be a bit of a project but nowhere near as complicated (or time consuming) as assembling the kit from start to finish.

So, with all of that said - I'm selling the hoop that we made for $65. This is a very good deal, considering I bought it for $50 and it took us hours to assemble. I've marked it up just enough to cover the shipping costs. And - as you can see - there are pros and cons to this hoop. I want to be fair and put it all out there, and if you're still interested in purchasing this lightweight LED hoop, please send me a message and I'll give you more info/ answer any questions that you may have.

Also, the reason I'm selling this hoop is because I already have a PSI hoop and I wanted to try the DIY kit just to see how hard/ easy it was to assemble.
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Hoola Monster
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    Sat, April 5, 2008 - 8:58 PM
    Hi Hoola Monster!
    Thanks so much for writing this review. I understand where you are coming from with your concerns about size, weight and noise. The initial kit was just a parts kit based on Craft Magazines instructions. But since then I have started to sell 1" thick tubing which is the same size as the 3/4" black tubing from lowes you have mentioned. I have also been getting feedback from other buyers that solved the rattle problem by wrapping the LEDs with bubble wrap.

    I have been so busy getting kits ready for the Maker Faire I haven't had time to update my site very well, but if anyone does need the 1" version of the kit they can contact me through the site or here at

    And I would love to see the video of what you made, the colors sound great.

    For the latest info on these kits you can go here.

    and see some photos and video at the bottom along with a bunch of comments addressing the size issue.

    or just skip to this youtube video to see it in action

    Thanks again. Can't wait for pics and video. feel free to add it to comments on the prodmod site.

    Also you can try selling your finished hoop on my site in this section
    just leave a comment on that page with explanation of your hoop and price etc.
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      Sun, April 6, 2008 - 10:49 AM
      Thanks so much; I'll post the listing on your site too. You were awesome to work with, and I bet those new kits will be great with the 1 inch tubing. Good idea about the bubble wrap. Maybe I'll just switch out the battery to a rechargeable one and bubble wrap the parts before I sell this hoop. Thanks for everything.

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