Hooping, The Hooping Community & the 2nd Chakra

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So I've been studying the Chakras for my final project in my yoga teacher training course, and I've come across some clear connections between the 2nd chakra, hoopdance, and our community. It's all stuff we already knew, but it's neat to see how clearly it all comes back to our sacral center.

So, the 2nd Chakra is about: Flow, Movement, Flexibility, Creativity, Pleasure, Touch, Sensuality

And a Balanced/Opened 2nd Chakra gives one: Self-Confidence, Independence, Self-Purpose, Sense of Self, Internal Balance of Feminine and Masculine Principles, Connection with the Universe and an Ability to Flow with it

Does any of this sound familiar to you hoopers? :-)

The 2nd Chakra is located about 2 inches below our belly button, in line with our sacral vertebrae, it is a spinning vortex of orange light that flows out from that area of our body.

The 2nd Chakra can be nurtured and opened with movements of the pelvis and lower back. Yoga exercises such as Folds, Twists, Low Back Bends aid the 2nd Chakra. Movements of the hips as seen in Middle Eastern Dance (circles, slides, fig 8s, shimmies) help to awaken it's energy. So it should come as no surprise that Hoop Dance, with the movement of the hoop located at hip and waist level should cause such a connection to the 2nch chakra to occur.

But even more than simply moving the hips and low belly/back in hoop dance, we are doing so much more for our 2nd Chakra. The hoop is Touch. We connect with our hoop, feeling it's pressure as it alternates gently bumping our body. Humans need contact. We seek out nurturing touch from our parents, friends and lovers. We need that connection to open and nurture our 2nd Chakra, giving us a sense of belonging and being loved. The hoop gives us that touch, along with a rhythm, aiding us with the Flow of our inner selves. It brings us excitement and pumps our heart, cleansing our circulatory system which is also governed by the 2nd Chakra.

When we play with our hoops we release Creativity. We experiment with all the possibilities of this union of hoop and body. Through this process we gain, Flexibility, a sense of completion and pride and a connection to Flow. This fosters Self-Confidence, and aids us in our journey towards a Sense of Self and Independence. We feel a connection to ourselves and our bodies. We explore Pleasure and Sensuality.

And as we progress through our studies, we combine our masculine properties of power and structure with our feminine properties of creativity and fluidity to create the ultimate state of movement... that which we rightfully call: Flow. We need to nurture and explore both sides of ourselves to find this state. If we ignore the feminine in ourselves we become rigid and inflexible, unable to move smoothly through our dance; we conquer tricks but cannot find ease and flow in our dance. If we ignore the masculine in ourselves we become flighty and lack in control; we feel the connection between music, body and hoop, but lack the discipline and drive to work through our hoop challenges and support our flow.

Our Chakras are not a once and for all fix, but are continuous cycles that need attention and nurturing. We may care for, explore and open a chakra during one stage in life only to neglect and close off the same chakra later on. It is for this reason we must continue our connections with all parts of our being throughout our lives. This is why we may find Creativity and a Connection with Flow in our hooping, only later to feel blocked and useless in our dance. Sometimes this is a necessary shutdown so that our bodies and inner minds can process all the work we do (plateaus are a point of necessary rest before the next hurdle). But then sometimes it could be that we are ignoring parts of ourselves connected with our 2nd Chakra and we need to spend some quality time with ourselves so we can open up to Flow again.

We also see a connection of like minded beings in our Community. We see a collection of beautiful caring, open, wild, independent, creative like beings in numbers that we may not encounter elsewhere. It think this comes from two things... Either one comes into hoop dance with an already open 2nd chakra, attracted to the qualities of hooping as they reflect themselves, and interested in using hooping as a means of nurturing and continuing the openness of their 2nd chakra. Or we find one comes to hoop dance with an injured, unbalanced (most likely closed down 2nd chakra). Here the person is attracted to the quality in hooping that they lack and so desperately need in their own lives, and from the journey of hoop dance, open themselves up into becoming the radiant being they could be. :-)

Ways to Balance the 2nd Chakra: Explore Creativity (in any form... but especially thru touch), Taste, Explore your Senses, Touch, Enjoy
Physical Contact with Loved Ones, Relax your resistance, Open your Hips (yoga, dance), Be open to Pleasure, Explore your Sensuous Self, Connect with your Masculine and Feminine sides, Flow, Feel

Exercises to Balance the 2nd Chakra:

Put on some flowing music, close your eyes and let your body move with the fluidity, do not force or over think your movements, try to connect with and feel out the music and let your body become an instrument of that connection and flow.

Take a bath or shower and enjoy the sensation of the warmth (or coolness) and smoothness of the water on your skin. Take your time and slowly cleanse your body, giving it love and breathing slowly, exhaling and cleansing anything negative in you. Be tender and gentle with yourself, just as you may want a lover to be.

Prepare a delicious meal, take time in and enjoy the creativity of playing with the colors and tastes of your dish.

Eat a delicious meal or treat. Take your time and slowly chew, tasting all the levels and allowing your saliva to flow. Really be mindful of the act of tasting and eating. Enjoy.

Give or Receive a massage from a friend, loved one or professional. Massage yourself. Massage your pet. :-)

Hug a loved one!

Now.... my questions to you... for you to ask yourselves, and hopefully share with us:

Think about your journey in hoop dance...

Did you experience an awakening in yourself, either spiritually, sensually or personality-wise?

Have you found hooping to heal, challenge, or form your self is some way?

Are there times when you have experience a blockage in your hoop dance?

If you have experienced a blockage... do you think it was a necessary shut down/rest time or during this time, were you closed off from aspects of yourself such as flexibility and flow (mental and physical), creativity, connection to others, your senses, confidence, purpose, etc?

What have you done to open yourself up to creativity and flow?

Do you feel a balance between the masculine and feminine parts of your personality?

Do you notice a connection between your ability to interact with others and your ability to connect with your hoop?

During your practice sessions, do you feel most comfortable free-styling it or working on tricks?

Are you willing to challenge yourself to work more with your non-dominate style to find balance in your dance?

What thoughts and emotions has this article brought up in you?

I would Love Love Love to hear your story and your thoughts about your hoop journey, hooping, the hooping community and their connection with the 2nd Chakra! Please share then with us! :-)
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    Fri, February 12, 2010 - 11:48 AM
    I just have to say that I've been hooping for only a few months and my entire life has transformed so dramatically. I feel such a clear flow of energy and connection to the world around me like I've never experienced. The way my spirit, body, and mind connect is such a new feeling. The way you have to work with the hoop to get it do do what you ask is such an uncanny analogy for getting what you ask for in real life. Sometimes you lose it, and generally it's because you're either too forceful or too timid. You find that balance and it's such a beautiful and magical thing. Sounds so strange, but being home, sick with swine flu, was such a blessing, in a way. I never would have found this outlet for creative energy and movement. I'm so happy to be part of something like this. Whenever I feel a block of flow, I connect to all of you for inspiration either through tribe, youtube, or just thinking of you all and try to channel that energy. Of course, I'm still so new and it'll take me years to get to be as amazing as you all are, but I'm only in competition with myself, just trying to be better than I was yesterday. I love this post. There is so much truth to it.
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    I absolutely agree. I began hooping in May of last year, and since then I feel an enormous change in my spirituality. As an atheist life was feeling a little fake and sterile. I wasn't meeting people I connected with, and even with people there seemed to be hope for, I felt a barrier. Since i began hooping I feel like my soul has opened up. I have truly come into myself and feel self-confidence and love for my body that i have never had before. I have direction and focus. I feel healthy and balanced and... well just truly happy. My happiness has become something that isn't fleeting but stays constantly. I'm handling problems in a way that is so stress free and wonderful that they hardly affect me at all. I am just so thankful for this community and the open sharing non-competitive relationship and connection that i feel with all of you. Thank you for this article. It resonated with me and brightened my night.