Travel Hoops - which one?

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Any recommendations on which is a good travel hoop? I can get both the Hoopnotica & the Infinity in the UK for the same price, so I wondered if anyone had any thoughts, especially on durablity, hoopability and portability (and any other ility's you can think of, LOL!)

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    Sat, February 9, 2008 - 6:16 AM
    I have the Hoopnotica hoop, and I love that it fits in a yoga mat bag. - Portability A+
    I use it without one of the pieces, which is a better size for me in general, but a little small for learning new tricks. - Hoopability A
    I do find it difficult to actually take apart, and often need help doing it, so I'm very interested in other people's opinions on this topic. I'm afraid that I might wear down the connectors because of the way I take it apart (with a coin instead of my fingers). So far Durability seems fine, but I can't give it a grade yet.

    I've seen an Infinity being unfolded, and it seemed like it didn't want to stay in a flat circle.

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    Sat, February 9, 2008 - 8:30 AM
    Only tried infinity hoops so can't really offer a viable comparison. Although the hoop is a bit wonky when it is unfolded, it is relatively easy to tweak it into shape. The hoop I use is a little heavier than my 'regular' hoop so I notice the difference in 'feel', but I have taken with me on various holidays and found it travels well despite being crammed mercilessly into a suitcase.

    Downside is that the tape on some of the hoops can be a bit uneven and if there are folds in holographic or glitter tape, it can be a bit scratchy. Easy to carry, but undoubtedly bulkier than a hoop that comes apart, since you still have double ring of tube to carry, albeit a smaller one.

    Only downside I found so far is that infinity hoops tend not to like colder weather - at least the one I was using outside in Scandinavia seemed to congeal a bit and was much more difficult to unfold. I think that is a small issue overall and really like that there is no assembly required.

    A lot of people I know really like the Hoopnotica travel hoop, too...

    Oh dear. I'm not helping much!
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    Sat, February 9, 2008 - 8:43 AM
    I offer a Swirly Hoop with a HoopTote. It doesn't come apart at all and is easy to tweak back into shape. Very similar to the Infinity hoop. The unique part is the carrying straps which allow you to carry your hoop on your back and leave your arms and hands free to carry luggage or whatever. The shoulder straps go over both shoulders and not across your chest, so it's balanced and won't slide off your shoulders. I'd be happy to send you one. Not sure what the shipping is overseas....
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      Sat, February 9, 2008 - 1:44 PM
      Do you have a picture of this on your site? I was interest in an infinity-like hoop!
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        Sat, February 9, 2008 - 3:08 PM
        The Infinity Hoops are a great idea, and as stated can be "tweaked" after opening to make it round.

        Yes, they can be a little more awkward to open in colder weather, but there is a way around this, just squirt a little silicon lubricant into the joints and it will open much easier.

        They have good "grippy" tape, and work well, a little heavier than other travel hoops, but they handle nicely.

        The Hoopnotica travel hoop also has the added benefit of being adaptable, leave one section out for a small hoop, or add it in for a larger hoop.

        If you prefer a "rigid" hoop try HoopGirl's travel hoop. It is a rigid hoop until you want to travel, then untape the joint, roll it down like the Infinity into two small circles, and then after you arrive at your destination, open it up, and retape the joint.

        I am looking to get some of HoopGirl's travel hoops in stock soon, so I will be able to offer more choice to hoopers in the UK via my UK website

        Personally I am not keen on travel hoops with bungy cords, so I suggest you try one of the above, or check out, they also do standard travel hoops, as well as LED travel hoops.

        John. ( Hoop Guy )
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          Sat, February 9, 2008 - 3:22 PM
          ooo I didn't realise hoopgirl had a travel hoop out!
          I personally prefer the sound of the hoopnotica travel hoops as they would be easy to transport.
          John do you mind when you get the hoops to post about them and possibly compare them? Wouldn't want to buy it and regret not getting another one instead :)
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    Sat, February 9, 2008 - 4:25 PM
    I like the Infinity hoop (I've tried one of John's at hoop class) but I like heavy hoops. It feels very substantial. I've not seen or tried Hoopnotica's travel hoop though.
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      Sun, February 10, 2008 - 11:48 AM
      I have a Hoopgirl Travel hoop, and I never use it as one as I would have to untape and retape the join every time to use it, so I don't think it truly classifies as a travel hoop. it won't hold the joint together on it's own without the tape.

      Thanks for all the suggestions so far though - much appreciated.
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        Sun, February 10, 2008 - 9:04 PM
        My interpretation of a travel hoop is any hoop that you can break down so that it's smaller than a regular sized hoop. Back in the olden days (about a year ago), the only options were the bungee cord model of the coil down model (HoopGirl and HoopRevolution are two of the companies that sell the coiling model). In that sense, I would say that the coil down model is a travel hoop. I personally never bought one of those types because I never wanted to deal with taping and untaping on top of fighting with the tubing.

        I love my Hoopnotica travel hoop. A friend of mine never takes her Hoopnotica travel hoop apart because she hates pushing on those tiny plastic tabs. I recently got a brand new Hoopnotica travel hoop and it kept coming apart at the joint, but I refuse to give up on it!

        The BodyHoops infinity hoop was just too heavy for my preference (and this was before I started using 100psi hoops or 1/2" tubing), but I love the idea of its design.

        I'm pretty sure that there is another thread describing all the different travel hoops somewhere around here.

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          Sun, February 10, 2008 - 10:12 PM
          What is the general consensus on hoops? Do people like 3/4" 160psi, 3/4" 100psi, 1/2" 160 or 100psi? There's seems to be so much variance....
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            Tue, February 12, 2008 - 12:51 AM
            It's really personal preference. I rarely use my 3/4" 160psi hoops anymore, but I know lots of people who still love theirs. I like having a variety of weights, sizes, etc. so I can try them all out and see what works for me when I'm learning particular tricks. Hee, and that is why my house looks like the hoops have taken over!
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          Mon, February 11, 2008 - 12:27 AM
          regarding the hoopnotica hoop falling apart,i know there was a standard product problem with the hoopnotica travel hoops at one pointand the company were willing to replace it for those who had the problem. so is it possible you've got one from that bad batch?
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            Mon, February 11, 2008 - 10:51 AM
            Ah flub, I can't decide. Was thinking about it on the Underground today, as one place I might like to take a travel hoop is London when I'm working there (which is most weeks) so I could go play at lunch. The Hoopnotica is more practical I think for carrying about, but I like the idea of just being able to pop the Infnity type ones up and hoop away. It would be WAAAAAY too indulgent to get both...I spend too much on my hoop obsession as it is.

            Is there much difference in wieght between the Bodyhoops & the Hoopnotica?
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              Mon, February 11, 2008 - 11:16 AM
              You know, if you want to take it to London on a train and tube etc, I think I'd go for the Hoopnotica type that come into pieces and can be carried in a little bag over your back leaving your hands free for hand bag, briefcase, laptop, coat whatever else you have to take with you. Also, it won't get in the way on a crowded train or tube.

              Carrying the Infinity is fine if that's all you have and a purse. But it won't be so convenient with lots of other luggage. Mind you, any excuse and I'll be buying one because I think it's cool and I like the heavier hoop.

              Have you seen the video of it?
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                Tue, February 12, 2008 - 5:03 AM
                Sue, have you seen me in London?! The long list of stuff is pretty much what I always have; unless, Oh NO! I've turned into a COMMUTER!!!! Well, I may just be a commuter with a hoop soon!

                I have seen the video of the Inifinity and I was impressed, hence my interest, but I was also impressed by the Hoopnotica Guggenhoopin vid cos they use theire travel hoops in that.

                And the Hoopdelite one looks great with it's tote but I'd have to have that one shipped, and John @ Hoopguy has the others in.

                As an aside, I've also seen the Betty Hoops travel set in Tesco!
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                  Tue, February 12, 2008 - 11:04 AM
                  Thanks for mentioning the Betty Hoops - most people forget about that one! It was my first, and currently is my only hoop. Other than being a little heavy (due to the foam covering) it is a perfectly good hoop, travels well, and has never sprung apart on me. Granted, mine is heavier now, cause the foam had massive battle damage, and I decided to tape it (and I was jealous of everyone having bling hoops but me) and that added a lot of weight. It comes apart like the Hoopnotica one, fits in a Yoga bag, and is easy to put together (granted, mine was easier before I taped it, but that's my fault, not Bettys). Also, it is the cheapest travel hoop on the market in terms of price - $35 in some places including DVD! (And it's a good DVD - no tricks, just a great yoga -influenced core workout.

                  It's a really great base for personal mod/pimp work, solid construction and a malleable outer layer. It might even work as a base for modding a personal LED hoop - the core is translucent and hollow under the foam.
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              Tue, February 12, 2008 - 12:58 AM
              There is a HUGE weight difference between the Hoopnotica and the BodyHoops. I'll have to get out my scales when I have more time, but the 44" Hoopnotica hoop (with all six segments) is lighter than my 36" XS Bodyhoops Infinity hoop. The Hoopnotica hoop is still heavier than 100psi, so it's not light and flimsy. It's got a substantial weight to it without being too heavy. I found the Bodyhoops hoop to be too heavy for my personal taste.
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            Tue, February 12, 2008 - 12:55 AM
            Nope, I know the one I have is a new one. I had one of the very first Hoopnotica Travel Hoops (which broke once, they sent me a replacement piece, and then it broke again). After they took care of the manufacturing problems with the joints and the thinner foam tape, I got a replacement hoop which is sturdier and has thicker foam tape. The new one constantly flies apart at the joints so I haven't used it much.

            I should mention that I usually use only five segments (not six) so that might be what the problem is. I still love my Hoopnotica Travel Hoop. It's my favorite of all the collapsible/travel hoops I have. I know that telling you mine keeps coming apart at the joint is not the most ringing endorsement, but it's really awesome. I use it with all six segments when I'm practicing new tricks. The foam tape grips better than gaffer or anything else I've hooped with!
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    Tue, February 12, 2008 - 12:09 PM one's mentioned Mr Hooper...

    Mo has one of these...the joints are dove tailed, and the bungee is super strong. I've played with it quite a bit, and it's never popped open or pinched (as my homemade one has), even knee hooping! Mo's never had it pop/pinch and she's been hooping a couple hours/week on it for a year.

    And it has the super-portable factor...pull pull pull pull, fold ,tuck into backpack straps, done! No tape needed!

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